Welcome to Decatur…

Where Lincoln’s Promise as a Leader Was First Noticed: Decatur, IL

Decatur is the seat of Macon County, Illinois. Decatur, Illinois is probably most famous for being the one time home of Abraham Lincoln and it was here where he established himself as a lawyer and where people began to take note of his potential as a political candidate. Other references to Decatur are it is The Soybean Capital of the World, The Pride of the Prairie, and the original home of the Chicago Bears.

Modern Life in Decatur

It is reported that people who live in Decatur enjoy a lower cost of living as compared to the rest of the state. Decatur has a typical mid-western city style about it and many of the homes and office structures are built of brick and reflect this style. The homes are also of very high quality with something for everyone.

As with the rest of the country, Decatur’s economy has slowly moved from a manufacturing to service-based. However, there are still manufacturing jobs to be found here. Farming is also important here as Decatur was once known as The Soybean Capital of the World and still grows the crop today.

What You Can See and Do Around Decatur

With the increasing popularity of soybeans for food and alternative fuel, a new concept has sprung up in Decatur, known as ag-tourism which is a shortened word for agricultural tourism. Tourists are coming to this city and the surrounding community to visit the farms and try out roasted soybeans at the Farmer’s Market in the downtown area. Some farms are even giving agricultural classes for those interested. Decatur even has one of the largest agricultural exhibition shows known as The Farm Progress Show.

There are also numerous parks and recreational areas plus over 130 annual celebrations and events such as the Decatur Celebration which is a family street festival and the Lakeside Music and Arts Festival. Much investment has taken place to build up the downtown area to be a year-round venue for entertainment, working, and living. Many restaurants, theaters, and shopping venues have sprouted in this area and construction of a 75,000 square foot building for mixed use is about to be completed.

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